Ten most locally visited websites in Cyprus

Ten most locally visited websites in Cyprus

Ten most locally visited websites in Cyprus

1. Sigmalive
Sigmalive.com is the number one most visited website here in Cyprus, a news blog site owed by the commercial network of Dias group of companies. The site is online since 2007 and dominates the cypriot online audience from the early years.

2. Philenews
Philenews.com is the digital version of the newspaper phileleftheros.

3. toThemaOnline is another blogging portal which has news about lifestyle, police news and significant topics around the world. The same company has also other local websites which are really high locally ranked like toThemaSports which is a blog about the local sport news.

4. Ant1IWO is the fourth website to this list which is the news website owed by Ant1 Group.

5. Politis
politis.com.cy is a digital newspaper website of the well known politis press.

6. Bank Of Cyprus
bankofcyprus.com is the website of the leading bank here in Cyprus.

7. i-eidisi.com is another news website and blog as it’s named.

8. Bazaraki.com is a classified advertising website which people are able to add products or services they offer free of charge.

9. Kerkida.net is the number one in this list as the sport news website in Cyprus.

10. Ucy.ac.cy is the website of the public university of Cyprus and it’s ranked in the 10th position of the list.


11. Ergodotisi.com is the last site in the list and number one job opportunities which offer a real miracle to the local people or foreigners due to the jobs offering. It’s a portal connecting the employers with people willing to work for their companies.