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Getting Your Business Viral With The Right Social Media Strategy

At our company, we are committed to changing the use of the Social marketing to a concrete and productive avenue for businesses and companies without much expenditure on marketing. We deliver our services based on the understanding that there is power in social media management which when appropriately tapped can be helpful in getting long term customers to a business and increasing the sales of a company’s products as well as services. Through productive engagement of followers on social media with a focus on their key areas of interest, the platforms can then be drastically modified biasing on promoting the business.

Nowadays, more than 75% of internet users are using facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin and etc., so it’s a good source of your company’s website to receive highly targeted traffic from social networks. The other feature of these sites is the audience you can build and engage existing customers that can buy again and again.


The emergence of technology and communication around the globe has helped to coil what is currently referred to as a Global Village. The use of internet and emergence of more gadgets that can access the internet apart from the computers has contributed to a system that has enhanced the efficient system of communication. However, of all the trends in the communication and internet sector, social media is rapidly growing with different sites targeting different groups of people. The emergence of social media has been transformed and modified to fit the needs of different categories of people as well as industries. From the Social Media, the marketing industry is rapidly expanding on the social marketing concept.

Social media marketing has a feature that manipulates the target market enabling designing of the adverts or promotion messages based on the target age groups. The expectations and the orientation of values of a given social media can all be manipulated to get the attention of the participants. Taking an example, the values of people on Facebook, vary considerably with posts and orientation of engagement you will find on LinkedIn. Manipulation of these expectations has the potential of converting a social engagement on by use of social pages and platforms to a marketing avenue to expand the business audience.


One the world over known and highly discussed social media platform is Facebook. The platform has numerous features that make it a preferred destination for most users. It is now encouraged that every business and in some multinational companies it trickles down to branches that each should own at least a fan page. Though these pages are usually for engagement, social content exchange and get in touch with new and existing customers. The businesses can use the audience to pass on information on product promotion and general business promotion. Based on the page content, the business can continuously earn new client audience enabling it expand the customer base.

Special groups and chat rooms can also motivate the attraction of new members who end up knowing about the business products and services. Facebook groups particular create personal appeal enabling the participants discuss given their views and minds with a special interest in enabling the business streamline the services to the market expectations.


This is a social platform with a population of over one hundred and fifty million professional subscribers. The professionals cut across a variety of industries ranging from medical industry to human resource and business management. Engagements and discussions on this platform will range from the emerging trends in the respective industry and executive to executive engagements. It is recommended that for each organization the management maintains a profile. This enables global consultations which have the potential of bringing in new customers.


With over 400000 tweets per minute and over one billion subscriptions by users, Twitter offers an expanded audience for social marketing. The one hundred and forty character requirement makes it easier to grasp the subscribers’ attention and to ensure they read. As such, the platform can serve as a gateway to other business platforms where much of the business products are discussed and presented. The tweets send on a business handle should contain the most relevant information in a captivating format to ensure that the readers’ are prompted to find more information about the tweet.

The best way of conveying information this way is by linking the business tweeter account to other social media accounts. This ensures that what is shared on other sites is automatically shared with the followers on the Twitter handle who follow the accompanying link to access more information from the primary source.


According to statistics of 2014, this platform is characterised by upload of approximately 48hour videos per minute around the world. These videos report relatively over one million views in a minute which translates to over a billion viewers of YouTube videos in a day. Though largely viewed as a platform for media houses, agencies and performing artists, YouTube offers a good marketing avenue for corporates and businesses entering the market. Animated messages and customized organization videos accompanied by short captions on business products and services rendered offer a chance for the subscribers to access the business information.

Google +

This is a social service offered by Google compatible especially with those using the Google email service. Though still a growing platform, Google+ is rapidly getting subscriptions and offers a relatively large medium for sharing information. Its advertising medium gives users a chance of easy Google rankings based on the search engine hence making it easier to be accessed by Internet users through the Google search engine.


This platform allows registered users to share pictures and videos allowing the followers to access and see what is happening with the others pins. The platform is generally characterized for motivating the users on the need to see and go dare do. At our marketing agency, we endeavour to help you developing attractive pins streamlined to ensuring that your business remains relevant in the industry.


Though characterised as a picture platform, the platform offers a good medium for a pictorial description of products and services rendered by a company or organization. The platform has currently incorporated a feature that supports short videos which offer a chance for corporates to offer brief descriptions of their services to the followers. We offer ideal solutions and patterns that ensure your business will remain relevant on the platform while maintaining a large number of active followers always at pace with your products and services.