10 most liked facebook pages in Cyprus

10 most liked facebook pages in Cyprus

10 most liked facebook pages in Cyprus

1. McDonalds
McDonalds is the number one fast food here in Cyprus, offline and as it’s shown online with 79 millions of likes.

2. H&M
H & M is a new clothing fashion store in Nicosia since 2016 with 36 millions of likes.

IKEA is a furniture and home accessories shop with 27 millions.

4. TGI Fridays
TGI Fridays is the fourth facebook page to this list which is a chain of restaurants focusing on casual dining with 6.3 millions of likes.

5. Marks and Spencer
Marks & Spencer is another clothing shop in this list with 5.3 millions of likes.

6. Shark Energy
Shark Energy Drink is an energy drink provided by Photos Photiades Group in Cyprus with 633 thousands of likes.

7. Coffee Island
Coffee Island is one of the most known chain of cafes in Cyprus the last years with 334 thousands of likes.

8. Directdeals
Direct Deals Cyprus is a platform which people are able to buy products or services they offer with 75 thousands of likes.

9. Super home Center
Super home Center is a shop in all cities of Cyprus with 59 thousands of likes.

10. Four Day Clearance
Four Day Clearance is a retail sale activity that is happening five to six times per year in Cyprus and it’s ranked in the 10th position of the list with 57 thousands of likes.