6 digital marketing trends in 2019

6 digital marketing trends in 2019

6 digital marketing trends in 2019

Digital marketing is very important for all the businesses in this era we’re currently living.

Either it’s B2B or B2C, there’re digital marketing companies providing advertisement to social medias for better results.

The following 6 trends will dominate the digital marketing industry in 2019:

1. Quality and engaging content

Creating quality and engaging content will dominate the needs of the potential clients and solves their problems.

Either someone is self employed or a marketer, probably he/she heard again the phrase “Content is King”. Any strategy or campaign is more likely to fail if there’s no quality content.

2. Voice recognition and voice search

The technology behind voice recognition is winning the massive acceptance nowadays.
While voice search is not new, formal researches announced that the 50% of all searches will be by voice until 2020 steadily.

3. Augmented Reality and AI

Some of the most significant technology achievements have reached using augmented reality, so that technology started being applied in digital marketing as well.

Just imagine, in the very near future consumers will be able to test shoes and all clothes virtually before buy them.
In 2019 and then, companies will use these potentials in their everyday’s procedures and advertisements in order to provide more realistic and user friendly image to their customers.

4. Vertical videos

For those who don’t know what’s about, vertical videos are the videos there’s no need to bend your smartphones or tablet in order to watch the videos in the correct dimensions.

5. Live videos on social medias

The 5th trend is the live videos on social medias. It’s obvious that social media platforms force this kind of videos for more reach, engagement and communication between businesses and the clients.

6. Chatbots

Lastly, are the automated robots for chatting. The purpose of the chatbots are the better communication between the two sides.

Finally, there’s a relation between all these, which is the experience all businesses must provide to the visitors and potential clients.