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    Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) company in Cyprus

    We specialize in online marketing and SEO services, and we have a proven track record in helping companies increase their conversion rate. Our team of specialists understand the complexities of algorithms and search engines and can deliver strategies that can help your business grow on the online in any market or industry. Our services will increase your business’s online visibility, ranking and advantage over your competition.

    We understand that the dream of setting up a website is usually to get the attention of the target clients from the search engines. This can be frustrating especially when the website is loaded with texts that accumulate daily while getting little attention from the target audience. Apart from writing and putting in place correct grammatically structured sentences, search engine optimization is essential in ensuring a coherent website that ranks high in the search engines to direct clients to the products and services on your site. This being essential, at our marketing agency based in Cyprus, we are committed to providing you with services that drive the growth and success of your website, ensuring the achievement of the goals of your business in time.

    The commonly used search engines, i.e. Google, Yahoo and Bing all rank their content based on the appropriate use of the keywords and orientation in the text. However, Google ranking is one of the most used tools by websites in determining the best use of appropriate keywords on a website. The choice of the appropriate words, therefore, forms the basis for determining the success of the website. At, we are committed to helping in keyword research and suggesting appropriate keywords for the site in line with your website content.

    We first sink into the main subject of your site while focussing on seeing the main areas of interest and the target audienceWe use your content and the message you want to pass across in our research we then use the same information to find potential competitors and their ranking. By doing this, we are able to identify unique keywords which when incorporated in content it makes it easily accessible by the search engines. Our choice of keywords is usually streamlined to ensure that your needs are met and that the appropriate client audience gets to your site.

    To ensure an enhanced audience, we couple this with link building in ensuring that the corresponding audience from similar website gets to your content. However, unlike our competitors, at marketing agency our focus is not only biased to link building but also on the value that comes with this link building. We do this by engaging in extensive SEO site audit which focuses on the success of a website and the keywords on the particular website. Most of the websites forget on the relevance of link building and end up conducting marketing of another website while forgetting on the primary goal.

    We link the website to other sites whose keywords are similar or related to the main subject of your site. At our seo agency, we have a variety of software and long serving technical personnel who have been in the industry for long hence familiar with all the technicalities involved in getting a site from scratch to a stand of fame. The SEO audit is done with keen attention to the immediate goals while leaving the rating of the results for the client to give us the results of the experience.

    With our experience in both On-page and off-page optimization, we work with a variety of contents without necessarily requiring administrative access to your site. Where not necessary, we seek the content you wish optimized and work on it with keen attention to delivering your intended message without alteration of the intended meaning. The content delivered is usually in line with all the necessary required features for achieving the necessary high ranking in Google.

    At our agency, we work with the search engines to familiarize ourselves with the continuous industry changes and requirementsOur continuous contact with the likes of Yahoo, Google, and Bing puts as abreast from the rest of the market participants in Cyprus. The seo company websites that we have participated in optimizing content are among the highly ranked among Google rankingsOur client return rate for the period we have been in the industry remains at the peak in comparison with other players in the industry.

    Our extensive SEO audit gives us a room in auditing the content on the pages of some of our clients ensuring that not only the work we are tasked with is appropriately optimized. Our exposure with most websites we have linked poor rating to partial optimization of the site contents while leaving other content mashed up in an unorganized manner. Most clients hire SEO services for some of the website content while preparing other content based on their language use. This mostly happens when the client engages in off-age optimization . The partial optimization leaves the website still not meeting the standards for search engines. To reduce this discrepancy, we deliver required content and go a step further in ensuring the whole content as presented meets the standards of seo. This commitment ensures that the end results are as those stipulated by the client at the time of our engagement.

    At marketingcy.comthe skillful construction of appropriate links and clear inclusion in your site ensures that the final results are a website flooded by the appropriate clients. To make our process even much better, we ensure optimization of even images in addition to the text and the titles used on the site. The captions usually attract less attention of most SEO service providers, but here we do not give any chance. As a team of committed professionals, we remain focussed on the objectives of keeping our clients by giving them what they expect in the course of our service delivery.

    With our experience, we prepare content that meet the On page SEO standards to ensure a continuously increasing conversion rate on your website for expansion of your client base.

    While seeking search engine optimization services, understands the expected advantages of the payments made. At the end of the process of optimization, some of the advantages of SEO include;

    • Ensuring your increased online visibility even on slightest search by the concerned clients.

    • We formulate and orient the best choices of keywords ensuring that your ranking remains at the top on first page in search engines.

    • Enhancing your business branding and image in the market.

    • Ensuring increased rates of conversion for your site hence promoting your business objectives.

    • Contributing to the growth of your business customers and subsequent sales.

    • Keeping a constant high online visibility.