How tourist brokers bring travellers using online marketing

How tourist brokers bring travellers using online marketing

How tourist brokers bring travellers using online marketing

• Social Media

In a brief research we made, the top three facebook pages, they had 10 million, almost 7 million and 3 million likes per page. Social media is not only about one platform so tourist brokers also expand their presence in twitter by having 3.6 million followers only the top and some hundreds thousands followers the rest.

• Email Marketing

One of the best cards in their hands is the email newsletters. Email marketing fulfills a lot of targets in online marketing like branding, drive returning users back and etc. Imagine a user who had vacations to the x hotel last year, rated the hotel excellently and this year receives an email that the specific hotel had an offer; he is likely to visit it again using the tourist broker who sent the email.

• Display advertising

Banner advertising can cover a huge aspect of marketing objectives. Using this technique, visitors learn about the brand, visitors who didn’t book a hotel/flight can see again the advertisement or learn about alternative destinations.

• Branding

The biggest tourist brokers methodically build their brands to be well known using online and offline marketing techniques like online advertising and mouth to mouth marketing.

• Pay per click advertising

Tourist brokers use search engine advertising for people who are searching for vacations and flights in order to visit their websites and book what they are looking for.

• Brand spoofing

Google the nearest hotel in your town, the first results are going to be the top tourist brokers and not directly the hotel’s website.

Most of the tourist brokers did a great job in search engine optimization and they rank in very high volume keywords but also in high converting ones like restaurant and food near me.

• Referrals(their affiliates)
Some of these brokers provide affiliate system online which other website owners can promote the hotels and flights in order to take commission.