Differences between digital marketing agencies and domain registrar companies

Differences between digital marketing agencies and domain registrar companies

Very often some startup companies advertise that they offer free adwords or facebook vouchers and also fast, easy and automatic website design. Below we will discuss the reality.

First of all, adwords and all the major advertising platforms do not allow redeeming any voucher in Cyprus and some other countries due to some rules.

Second, by website design domain registrar companies means they offer some Content Management System’s features that REQUIRES advanced programming knowledge or they are low quality and includes limited features.

Third point which is very vital and there is a huge misinterpretation and of course propaganda for digital advertising. So what giant social media networks and advertising platforms do is just to force people without any idea related to how marketing works and make them boost their social media pages or their websites for traffic and impressions in the wrong way with really bad results.

Another service they advertise that they offer is SEO tools promising first positions for keywords in search engines drives tons of visitors to your business website. What all these tools are actually do is to measure some signals, google and all major search engines take to consideration in order to rank websites. So, to make the long story short these tools represent numbers instead of the signals which in the most cases are wrong numbers just because the signals’ representation is subjective and not objective. For example, google suggests title tag should not exceed 60 characters, what if my title is 61 character, is it better to have a word without the last character? That’s what these tools are saying.

In the reality, domain registrar companies offer only automated software tools which are only performing reports shows some unintelligible numbers to the people who of course are not familiar to the subject and that’s why they ‘re using them but all these tools don’t do anything in the website or in the internet.