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Are you running a business that you wish to see thriving? Does your business own a website? Would you wish to utilise your marketing outlets effectively? Are you relying on many channels you would like to reduce some but don’t know how? If your answer(s) to one or more questions in the above is yes, then look no further. For has the key to your queries. We are committed to providing factual information as it relates to your website visitors as well as the conversion rate of different links as used by your site. This information is vital to the success of any business that depends on an online fraternity for a successful business.


Most companies invest into multiple channels when it comes to online marketing. The Google advertisements commonly used rely on the use of various websites while targeting the audience of a particular product or service. Some of these channels apparently usually perform much better than others when targeting a particular audience for a product or service. Comparisons of these sets of channels of marketing often provide an in-depth understanding of the best channels to retain in case there’s need for adjustment. will provide you with site speed metrics as well as characteristics of the unique sites with high conversion rates for your website.


Several features affect the traffic to a website. provides analytics and webmaster tools that are relevant and helpful in assessing the traffic of a website. Our tools provide you with the capability to get detailed information by analyzing each parameter at a time. Through the use of pie charts, we can provide useful information as such as leading geographical origin of most of the traffic visitors, their gender, and age. In product promotion, such data is vital in determining the right location to target the right customers to the business.


For example, it will be a waste of resources for a partner to target PPC campaign to Japan when the real traffic for the company is from Cyprus. Through the use of web analytics and data presentation, it can be easily analysed and established that the 75% of traffic to a website is from Cyprus. The remaining 25% may be distributed among other 20 or so countries. This will clearly indicate that the Cyprus targeted market is exceptionally performing and such; an appropriate decision can be readily made about the other markets in the 25% segment, i.e. either to increase campaign or reduce the campaign or even withdraw the campaign.


Similarly, same will apply to other indicators like language and gender. With proper analysis of website metrics, focus on the referral sites can be used in deciding on the success of the language use for a website. Consider an example where a website written in English but with analysis showing high traffic from sites written in the Chinese language. That indicates that the administrator has to consider writing the site in both languages or incorporating a translation tool. This will ensure that the visiting traffic who does not understand English will find it easy to comprehend the message on the website hence promoting the business on the site.


It is from the mere assumptions of such sources that lead to poor business performance and deterioration of the company traffic to its website or sometimes no enough sales. Putting in place the right mechanism to meet the expectations of a client is usually important in finally getting the business performing. However, it is apparent that one cannot have such right strategy unless the business understands the characteristics of its customers and their expectations. Some of these needs are usually as cheap as providing the customers with the right information they seek for in a simpler language they understand better.


Webmaster tools do not bias on the analyzing of customers characteristics alone. At, we venture into analyzing keywords to reveal the organic traffic through keyword analytics. The Webmaster tool can provide the exact position of each keyword in the Google rankings. Some tools show keywords as high ranking but when incorporated this does not affect the website traffic in any positive way. Keyword ranking does not necessarily mean traffic congestion to your website. At, we endeavor to provide you with the right statistical data that reflect the actual success of your business. We can analyse the high ranking keywords as well as provide their contribution to your website traffic.


We assess the links to your website and settle for the most performing links with high referrals. The links show the sites from which the links are from and their contribution to your business sales. Apart from assessing the traffic originating from particular links, we analyse broken page links found on your website and help establish their value or cost in terms of losses on your business. Broken links on a site can be a nuisance to frequent clients who find it lacking originality. Broken links have in most cases been attributed to fraudsters and spam links.


These are just but few of many more ways in which web analytics can be beneficial to your business. There are online businesses that best suit a particular time based on target audience. Based on the correct analysis, using the proper tools enable identifying the right audience as well as the time when the traffic is high. analyses these together and does several trials ensuring that you get the right statistics. This ensures that seasonal products or services are updated at the correct time especially when targeting the peak traffic. combines this with an assessment of the visiting time of different clients as well as time lag until next visitor is converted.


With a combination of all these metrics and the consequent findings, our experience and skills put us at a step ahead of other common web analytics tools users. Our commitment to a happy customer base and our value of positive keep us moving and committed to ensuring ultimate quality of the services we offer. For excellent services, for appropriate web analytics tools, get to and you will appreciate the value of our services.